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Looking for foundation waterproofing contractors near you? You're in luck! We're experts in keeping your buildings dry and strong against water damage. Trust True North Forming for all your foundation and waterproofing needs in Kitchener Ontario and beyond!

Toronto • Mississauga • Brampton • Vaughan • Scarborough • Kitchener • Markham • Waterloo • Cambridge • London


Why You Should Waterproof Your Foundation

Water damage can really mess with your property value. That's why picking the right foundation waterproofing company, like True North Forming, is key to safeguarding your investment.

Structural Integrity

Keeping water out with waterproofing safeguards your building's structure, extending the life of your concrete foundation.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

Waterproofing during construction keeps indoor spaces dry, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Energy Efficiency

Waterproofing preserves insulation effectiveness, making your building more energy-efficient by preventing water damage and maintaining thermal resistance.

Cost Savings

Avoid expensive repairs and health issues by waterproofing your foundation upfront. It's a smart investment!

Residential Foundation Waterproofing

Residential foundations are like the backbone of your home, keeping everything solid and safe. At True North Forming, we get how crucial it is to keep them waterproofed.


Our specialized services focus on keeping your house foundation dry, protecting it from water damage that can lead to structural problems, mold, and indoor air quality issues. With our tailored waterproofing services, you can feel confident in protecting your home investment for the long haul.

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Commercial Foundation Waterproofing

Commercial buildings need rock-solid foundations to stand tall and secure. At True North Forming, we totally get the importance of reliable commercial foundations. Our mission? Keeping those foundations strong and dry, so water doesn't wreck havoc.


We're on top of issues like wear and tear, mold, and maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Our specialized commercial concrete foundation waterproofing services are all about giving businesses peace of mind about their investments. You can count on us to keep your commercial space safe and sturdy.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Adam D

"I had True North Forming excavate and form the walls on my new home foundation Thank you for the great form work and service."

Waterproof Your New Foundation

Let's get started with a no-pressure estimate. Just reach out, and we'll take that first step together.

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