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Concrete Forming

At True North Forming, we've got your back for all your residential and commercial low-rise concrete needs in Kitchener and the rest of Southern Ontario. Whether it's laying the groundwork for a cozy home or building structures for businesses, we're on it.

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What is Concrete Forming?

Concrete forming is like creating the skeleton for your construction project. It's all about making molds or frameworks to shape and support the concrete until it's ready to stand strong. This way, you get precise structures like foundations, walls, and stylish architectural elements. Whether it's a home, a shop, or a big factory, using materials like wood or steel, concrete forming keeps everything sturdy and reliable.


Our Concrete Forming Process

We're all about making sure your custom home or any project gets off on the right foot. With our careful process and concrete forming tricks, you'll have a rock-solid foundation. We're all about precision and making sure every customer gets quality results.

Formwork Setup

We kick off by setting up the formwork, laying the groundwork for the concrete pour. This step ensures a solid foundation for what's to come.

Reinforcement Placement

Next up, we strategically place steel rebar or mesh within the formwork. This adds crucial strength and support to the concrete structure.

Concrete Pouring

Once the formwork and reinforcement are set, it's time for the concrete pour. We carefully mix and pour the concrete, shaping it to fit the mold perfectly.

Curing and Removal

After pouring, we let the concrete cure to gain strength. Once it's ready, we remove the formwork, unveiling the sturdy final structure.

Residential Low-Rise Concrete Forming

Hey homeowners and builders! When it comes to kicking off your dream home project, our residential concrete forming services have got you covered. We know that a solid foundation is key to a home that lasts and looks great.


At True North Forming, we're experts in crafting the perfect formwork for single-family homes. You can trust our experienced team to take care of every detail, making sure your home is strong, safe, and looks just how you want it.

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Concrete Forming for Custom Homes

If you're aiming to build your dream home, our specialized residential concrete forming services are here to make that dream a reality. We get how important a strong foundation is for a home that lasts and looks great.

At True North Forming, we're all about crafting custom formwork solutions just for you. Whether you're building from scratch or adding something unique, our skilled team pays close attention to every detail to ensure your home is safe, sturdy, and looks exactly how you want it.

Commercial Low-Rise Concrete Forming

In the commercial world, we know how crucial it is to get things right, every time. At True North Forming, we've got a solid history of teaming up with businesses for low-rise construction projects.

Our crews know their stuff when it comes to setting up forms that meet the high standards of commercial construction. We get that time and money are important to you, so we make sure your project gets done right on schedule and within budget, without cutting corners on quality or safety.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Adam D

"I had True North Forming excavate and form the walls on my new home foundation Thank you for the great form work and service."

Start Your Concrete Project Today

Curious about our concrete forming prices? Let's get started with a no-pressure estimate. Just reach out, and we'll take that first step together.

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